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Roaring with Purpose: How the Orchard Mesa Lions Club is Crafting a Legacy of Service and Vision

The Orchard Mesa Lions Club has been a beacon of service and community support in the Grand Valley for over six decades. With a mission statement that is succinct but powerful—"We Serve"—they have consistently shown their commitment to the community through a broad array of programs and partnerships.

Global and Local Impact: The club embraces Helen Keller's challenge from 1927 to be "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness," by addressing five global causes which encompass vision, environment, youth, humanitarian efforts, and health. Locally, they have initiated and supported several programs such as:

  • Kidsight: Early screening for vision problems in children, using equipment that detects six common issues.

  • Prescription Eyeglasses Assistance: Provision of eye care for individuals in need.

  • Support for District 51 Schools: Assistance to elementary and middle schools on Orchard Mesa, including providing educational material.

  • Mesa County Fair: In collaboration with the Fair Board, 4-H, and FFA members, they educate the public through various projects.

  • Orchard Mesa Little League: Promotion of teamwork and sportsmanship among youth.

  • JUCO: Sponsorship of teams at the Junior College Baseball World Series.

  • CMU Scholarships: Financial support for education at Colorado Mesa University.

  • Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank and Leader Dogs for The Blind: Efforts to overcome blindness through transplantation, research, and service animals.

  • Colorado Lions Foundation and Camp: Scholarships for high school graduates and programs for individuals with special needs.

  • Other initiatives: Inclusive of the American Legion Bike Run, Wreaths Across America, Alzheimer's Walk, Operation Interdependence, Food Bank of the Rockies, and support for the Salvation Army​1​.

Financial Contributions and Events: Since its establishment in 1960, the Orchard Mesa Lions Club has supported over 600 programs and donated over $1.7 million to various causes. They underscore the value of community through their numerous events and fundraisers, partnering with local organizations and companies to make a tangible difference​2​​3​.

Signature Events: Some of the club’s signature events include:

  • Soup DuRoar: An annual family-friendly event featuring homemade soups, a cake wheel, and door prizes​4​​5​.

  • Mother’s Day Breakfast: A special event where families can treat mothers to a homemade breakfast, ensuring a day of relaxation and appreciation​6​​7​.

  • JUCO Dinner: An event to raise funds for the local community, highlighting the club's dedication to supporting local initiatives​8​.

Beeping Easter Egg Hunt for Blind and Low Vision Children

In the spirit of inclusion and accessibility, the Orchard Mesa Lions Club has ingeniously crafted an Easter celebration that ensures children who are blind or have low vision are not left out of the joyous spring tradition. The Beeping Easter Egg Hunt is a heartwarming event where the typical silence of the hunt is replaced with the sound of beeping eggs, guiding young participants to their festive prizes. This initiative not only brings smiles and excitement to the children but also raises awareness in the community about the capabilities and needs of those with visual impairments. White Cane Day Success

Commemorating White Cane Safety Day, the Orchard Mesa Lions Club celebrates the independence and the achievements of the blind and visually impaired. This day marks the importance of the white cane as a tool for autonomy and a symbol of the resilience of those who navigate the world without sight. The club's involvement and activities on White Cane Day have resonated throughout the community, fostering a deeper understanding and respect for the blind and visually impaired individuals. Their efforts have not only been successful in raising awareness but also in advocating for the safety and rights of those who rely on the white cane for mobility and self-reliance.

The Orchard Mesa Lions Club exemplifies the Lions International motto, "We Serve," through their unwavering commitment to service and community enrichment. They stand as a testament to the power of collective action and the profound impact it can have on both local and global scales.


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